Robert Graham Enters a New Era Under the Leadership of Andrew BeRG



My recent trip to Robert Graham's New York City design house to review the Fall 2017 Collection, I had the chance to talk with Mr. Andrew Berg about the direction of Robert Graham. The collection, in my opinion, was the first he was able to engineer from start to finish. As I viewed the collection, it became apparent to me the brand has entered a new era. 

Andrew is a polite, soft spoken man with a clear vision on where he plans on taking Robert Graham under his leadership. His keen eye for details and years of experience will prove to be the key in the brands advancement. He greeted me each day with a hand shake, a smile and open conversations about the brand. In seconds of meeting each day, he always commented on the Robert Graham shirt I was wearing, to my amazement he also knew the shirts by name! Approachable, Intelligent and Committed are the three words I would use to describe Andrew Berg.

The Fall 2017 Collection is cleaner, driven by details, and more streamlined than previous collections. A greater focus placed on basics and core styles with the original Robert Graham DNA placed precisely throughout the collection paying homage to its rich heritage. The new era Robert Graham is youthful and sexier than ever before!