A Casual Clothing Boutique & Unique Gift Shop located in Sundial St. Pete


Florida Jean Company is famous for casual clothing and unique gifts. A family owned boutique which offers an exceptional customer experience in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. The boutique has a collection of national and local brands. Located in the Sundial St Pete shopping and dining complex, in the center of downtown St Petersburg, Florida. 

The casual clothing collection for women offers something for all ages and any occasion. One of a kind silk dresses are perfect for date night or cocktail parties. Amazingly soft Maxi Dresses made from cotton are comfortable, great for relaxing at home or a day at the beach. Pack-able sun hats that are easy to take on vacation and offered in a wide array of colors and styles, certainly a match for the favorite outfit. Delightful lightweight Sandals that making hiking around the city a breeze. Denim jeans that are trendy with a concise assortment, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

The casual clothing collection for men, is ideal for the guy that loves to be outdoors. Choose from numerous performance shirts that aid in protection from the suns harmful rays. The shirts are made from moisture wicking materials, that are well vented making them an excellent choice for exploring, swimming, and fishing. Head wear that is rugged, pack-able, lightweight, with UPF Protection, making it no trouble to find a hat. Sandals that are comfortable, and well made for years of walking around the town. Amazing selection of men's denim. Only the best fits and cuts have been hand selected to make the process of buying a pair of jeans simple. Reasonable priced basics for the traveler that may have forgot sunglasses, socks, belt, or underwear are in stock for quick in and out shopping.

Florida Jean is serious about Casual Clothing and creating an enjoyable shopping experience for the visitors and locals of St Petersburg, Florida.




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